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Individual Lessons

Lead Master (15+ years of experience) - $235/hour
Master (10+ years of experience) - $195/hour
Certified (5 + years of experience) - $145/hour

A great way to ensure constant improvement is by schedule a lesson package of either 3, 5, or 10 lessons. This helps develop a specific improvement plan that can be followed to make sure that you can reach your goals as a player.

PackageLead MasterMasterCertified
3 Hour Lesson Package $650 $525 $395
5 Hour Lesson Package $995 $825 $650
10 Hour Lesson Package $1795 $1560 $1150

Junior Lessons (age 5 - 14)

Lead master - $150/hour
Master - $120/hour
Certified - $80/hour

All of our instrcutors have extensive experience working with junior golfers and most are US Kids Certified Coaches. We use the newest US Kids golf equipment to help expedite the learning process and make golf as fun and easy as possible. For more information about our junior programs.

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Sunday Super Clinic
When : Every Sunday from 10:00am-12:00pm
Cost : Only $80 per person! Who is it for? : This clinic is primarily for intermediate level golfers. Please register 24 hours in advance.
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Ladies Clinic
When : Every Tuesday from 10:00am-11:00am and/or 5:30pm-6:30pm
Cost : Only $40 per person! Who is it for? : This clinic is for intermediate lady golfers.

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February 12: Fairway Bunkers
February 19: Trouble Shots
February 26: Putting
March 5: Greenside Bunkers
March 12: Course Management

March 19: Open Topic (Range)
March 26: Putting
April 2: Drivers/Woods/Hybrids
April 9: TBD
April 16: TBD
April 23: Course Management
April 30: Approach Shots
May 7: Uneven Lies
May 14: Short Irons
May 21: Long Irons

Tune Up Clinic
When : Every Wednesday from 11:00am-12:00pm
Cost : Only $40 per person! Who is it for? : This clinic is for all levels of golfers who need a quick tune up before their next round.

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February 6: Irons and Hybrids

February 13: Fairway woods and driving

February 20: Lob Shots and Greenside Bunker

February 27: Distance Control (Picking Landing Zones)

March 6: Open Topic (Range)

March 13: Trackman Optimizer

March 20: Putting and green reading

March 27: Punch shots and ball striking April 3: Chipping and Pitching

April 10: Open Topic (Range)

April 17: How to Play Uneven Lies

April 24: Using different clubs around the green

May 1: Iron Play with video

Beginner Clinic
When : Every Thursday from 11:00am-12:00pm and/or 6:00pm-7:00pm
Cost : Only $40 per person! Who is it for? : This clinic is for beginner golfers.
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February 14: Bunker Play and how to get out every time

February 21: Fairway woods and driving

February 28: Ball Striking

March 7: Putting and Drills

March 14: Irons and Hybrids

March 21: Open Topic (Range)

April 4: Chipping using di erent clubs

April 11: Putter control

April 18: Irons

April 25: Pitching

May 2: Open Topic (Range)

May 9: How to Practice on the Range

Driving Clinic
When : Every Friday from 6:00pm-7:00pm
Cost : Only $40 per person! Who is it for? : This clinic is for intermediate golfers looking to dramatically improve their drives.
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**Minimum 2 people required.  If only 1 student is registered (2 students for Sunday Super Clinic), the clinic is shortened to half of the original scheduled time at the same price.

***For the Sunday Super Clinic, If only 1 student has signed up in advance, the clinic is shortened to 1 hour at the same price.  If you are a same day sign up or walk in and the only person in attendance for the Super Clinic, the clinic will be 1 hour dependent on instructor availability.  If no instructor is available at that time, then the clinic is cancelled.  To guarantee a spot, please contact us 24 hours in advance by phone or email.

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