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The Jim McLean Golf School at Miami Beach Golf Club features top teaching professionals who work with beginners and PGA and LPGA TOUR players alike. No matter what level of play you currently enjoy, spending time with these instructors will help you play better and enjoy the game even more.

Our philosophy is that we don't teach a strict method. However, we do have a system and a strict method of how we teach.

The system is unique in that there is a lot of room for individual differences and our teachers are able to use all their creativity. We don’t believe that everybody fits into the same golf swing.

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Jim McLean Miami Beach: (305) 532-3350 ext. 3
Jim McLean Headquarters at The Biltmore Hotel: (305) 591-6409
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The most common options at the Jim McLean School are individual lessons and lesson packages. We offer three different levels of instructors who have a combined 70+ years of teaching experience to ensure that you improve any area of your game you're looking to improve.

Lead Master:

Our Lead Master Instructors are hand selected by Jim McLean. Many are nationally recognized as top teaching professionals and others have over 10 years experience teaching the Jim McLean System.

Our top professionals have extensive teaching resumes and some students include PGA Tour players. You can compare our Lead Masters to a PhD in golf instruction.


Our Master Instructors have multiple years of teaching experience with the Jim McLean System. They are experienced and seasoned teaching professionals with an extensive backgrounds in golf and instruction.

Many of the Master Instructors are full-time, year round teachers at the Jim McLean Golf School. It's like having your Master's Degree in Jim McLean's Teaching System!


Our Certified Instructors have 2 to 5 years of experience teaching the Jim McLean System. Each instructor has completed an extensive certification program to reach this level.

A Certified Instructor has logged thousands of hours in research and training with Jim McLean and his Master Instructors. Comparable to a Bachelor's Degree in Jim's System.


Another very popular option at the Jim McLean School is to get involved in one of our various clinics. Whether you're brand new to the game of golf, or are just in need of a tune up, we have a clinic that can get you back on track. All of the clinics are taught by a Master or Certified Instructor and will never exceed a 6:1 student to instructor ration to ensure that you get better. This is a great way to make sure that you stay on track to obtain your goals and not get confused about what you should be working on.

Golf Schools

Improve your game in one of our world renowned, #1 ranked golf school programs. Our golf schools include everything from the short game all the way to course management. This is a surefire way to improve your overall golf game. In addition to our standard golf school offerings, we also offer customized schools to fit your schedule. Clubfitting

The Jim McLean Golf School at Miami Beach is now an official Callaway Club Fitting Destination! All of the instructors are Callaway Certified Club Fitting Specialists and are ready to help you make sure that are playing with equipment that fits your swing and not trying to fit your swing to your equipment.

With a variety of shaft and club head options, you are guaranteed to find the right combination that improves your accuary and gives you more distance. Every club fitting includes the use of TrackMan to ensure that you are using the right equipment that suits your game. You will also leave with a detailed specifications sheet and TrackMan report that includes the type of clubs you should be using, the length, loft, lie, shaft type, etc.

Junior Instruction

The Jim McLean School at Miami Beach Golf Club offers some of the best junior camps and instruction in the area. Jim McLean strongly believes in creating opportunities for juniors to learn and grow their game while still having fun. In addition to individual lessons, the golf school offers weekly junior clinics as well as holiday and summer camps. This ensures that there are always opportunities for your child to learn that fit your schedule.


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2301 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL 33140