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2008x475 Apex Pro 
The Jim McLean Golf School at Miami Beach is now an official Callaway Club Fitting Destination!  All of the instructors are Callaway Certified Club Fitting Specialists and are ready to help you make sure that are playing with equipment that fits your swing and not trying to fit your swing to your equipment.
With a variety of shaft and club head options, you are guaranteed to find the right combination that improves your accuary and gives you more distance.  Every club fitting includes the use of TrackMan to ensure that you are using the right equipment that suits your game.  You will also leave with a detailed specifications sheet and TrackMan report that includes the type of clubs you should be using, the length, loft, lie, shaft type, etc.
We price everything at the lowest advertised price to make it easy for you to order the equipment that you want and know that you're paying the best price.  Why buy anywhere else?!  See below for more information about our club fitting options.



1200x580 Epic Pre order
30 Minute Fitting (Driver, Wedges, or Putter): $60
1 Hour Fitting (Irons, or Woods): $110
2 Hour Full Bag Fitting: $200

 Meet The Fitters
david          Brando          jon          brian          mary